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About Balanga

About Balanga

Balanga City is located in the province of Bataan, in the Philippines. The word Balanga originates from the Kapampangan word “balañga” (clay pot, or “banga” in Tagalog), which the town used to produce and which were among the best that can be found in the country.

Balanga is a town in the province of Bataan, located approximately 80 kilometers northeast of Manila. It is known for its rice production and as the birthplace of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Balanga, Bataan, has seen a high record of residential growth in the past years. In particular, the city’s urban fringe has extended westwards along Roman Superhighway, and a new growth center in Barangay Tuyo has been delineated in the Comprehensive Land Use Plan. This recent development will likely impact Balanga’s transportation system and infrastructure in the near future. 

Bataan was once part of the greater Tagalog region but became an isolated military zone after World War II. The town’s population increased dramatically following the war when many soldiers were stationed there. As a result, Balanga has developed into a bustling urban center with many shops and businesses. 

Today, Balanga is home to several notable attractions, such as the Museum at Fort Santiago (which offers an excellent view over Ternate), San Isidro Church (the oldest Catholic church in the eastern Philippines), and Fort Bonifacio National Monument (which commemorates General Antonio Luna’s victory over Spanish forces at Pulilan).

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